Setup Magento2 Cache

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跳步教學, 如何設定 Magento 2 + 樣品資料 + LiteMage Cache 環境: cPanel + LSWS + PHP7 + LiteMage + Magento 2.2 頁面載入時間 4.49s -> 15ms 頁面+網路延遲 載入時間 6.35s -> 1.64s


  1. Install necessarily extensions, e.g. php70-php-zip, php70-php-iconv, php70-php-intl, php70-php-mbstring, php70-php-soap
  2. 增加 php 延遲時間為 1800s(30分鐘)


設定 DB and granted Username + Password E.g. DB: magento2_magento2, User: magento2_user, Password: ****

Magento2 安裝

  1. Download from here
  2. untar file magento-2-community-sample-data-master.tar.gz
  3. Move magento-2-community-sample-data-master folder to magento2

LiteMage Cache Setup

SSH 進入 server, 執行下列命令安裝 LiteMage Cache plugin

php bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer
mkdir -p app/code/Litespeed/Litemage
mv /path/to/magento2-LiteSpeed_LiteMage-master/* app/code/Litespeed/Litemage/
php bin/magento module:enable Litespeed_Litemage
php bin/magento deploy:mode:set production
echo "LiteMage on" >> .htaccess

UI 進入後台使 Cache 運行

In Store > Configuration > Advanced > System, make sure LiteMage is enabled and selected under the “Full Page Cache” setting Refresh “Configuration” 和 “Page Cache” 再點選 Submit  


To ensure that LiteMage is working correctly, visit a page that should be cache enabled and open your browser’s inspector by right clicking the page and selecting “inspect”. Then select the “Network” tab and refresh the page. Under “Headers”, check the response header for the following LiteMage related info.  

X-LiteSpeed-Cache: hit,litemage Initial time 4.49s -> 15ms Page Load time 6.35s -> 1.64s



  • php bin/magento info:adminuri

DB 設定資訊

  • /app/etc/env.php

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