Warm Up Prestashop Cache

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如果網站已安裝 Cache Plugin 但沒有提供 warmup(crawler)功能, 此篇可以教學如何使用 script 去產生每一頁的快取. 這樣第一次訪問的客戶都將可以快入的載入頁面.

如何產生 Sitemap

Prestashop 可使用 ”Google Sitemap Module“ 來產生方法 sitemap

Download gsitemap; then change the file name to gsitemap.zip.

Click the Configure button and you will see e.g. xxx/1_index_sitemap.xml(This is your main SITE-MAP-URL, ).

Crawler Script


Script 如何使用

確認 script 擁有執行權限.

  • -h, –help: Show this message and exit.
  • -m, –with-mobile: Crawl mobile view in addition to default view.
  • -c, –with-cookie: Crawl with site’s cookies.
  • -b, –black-list: Page will be added to blacklist if HTML status error and no cache. Next run will bypass page.
  • -g, –general-ua: Use general user-agent instead of lscache_runner for desktop view.
  • -i, –interval: Change request interval. ‘‘-i 0.2’’ changes from default 0.1 second to 0.2 seconds.
  • -v, –verbose: Show complete response header under ‘‘/tmp/crawler.log’’.
  • -d, –debug-url: Test one URL directly. as in ‘‘sh cachecrawler.sh -v -d http://example.com/test.html’’.
  • -qs,–crawl-qs: Crawl sitemap, including URLS with query strings.
  • -r, –report: Display total count of crawl result.

Crawl 執行間格我們須多常執行呢? 得基於每次執行時間和 Public Cache TTL 設定.預設 TTL 為一天(24hr). .E.g. 每天執行兩次, at 3:30am/15:30:

30 3/15 * * * path_to_script/M2_crawler.sh SITE-MAP-URL -m -i 0.2

Note:  也可使用線上工具 online crontab tool 幫你確認 cron參數是否正確. Note: 如非 litespeed 網頁伺服器, 則需要修改 User-Agent 為一般 header即可使用

How to Verify

當使用 browser developer tool, 開啟商品頁面時. 你會看到 X-LiteSpeed-Cache: hit 在 response header 裡.

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